2019 Media Kit

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Independent Journalism for the Carolinas

Our cannabis-focused news site is creating quite a disruption in the cannabis discussion across the Carolinas. That’s because our team of independent journalists covers breaking news and events while amplifying the voices of those working in the cannabis – yes, that includes hempindustry as well as those advocating for reform.

We are not afraid to dig deep into the issues to bring you accurate and reliable information from the policy makers, companies and citizens who are daily changing the face of the cannabis culture and industry in the Carolinas.

Whether it’s a business event, an educational opportunity, a bill up for debate, a protest or cannabis tourism, our network of professional journalists are observing and reporting the facts and stories we come across as we examine cannabis from as many angles as possible.

Digital Ad Space

It’s no secret cannabis companies of all types have a difficult time advertising on the internet. That changes now that you can advertise with a regional cannabis news site like CarolinaCannabisNews.com.

Carolina Cannabis News is a member of LION Publishers and has partnered with Broadstreet Ads.

While LION Publishers helps us lobby social media giants for better access, Broadstreet Ads allows us to create dynamic and interactive premium ads that attract reader attention. We can geo-target and tag your ads with keywords so they only show up in the places and on the articles you want your company to support.

Carolina Cannabis News is approved by Facebook and Instagram to run cannabis-related advertisements, but that doesn’t change the fact that the topic still carries a stigma that may prevent a media consumer from liking, sharing or commenting on content. (And we still have to appeal ad denials sometimes, too.)

That’s why Broadstreet Ads’ analytic reports are critical. As an advertising partner, you will receive regular analytic reports – and we will, too – so we’ll know if your ad is performing and can make adjustments until we find the sweet spot for your message.

Packages can be created to be affordable and effective for your growing business.

Who’s reading Carolina Cannabis News?

Our audience is engaged and active, participating online and in person in their communities across North and South Carolina. According to an audience survey and continually updated analytic data, our readers are likely to fall into these demographics:

  • Age 25-65, though most likely to be between the ages of 25-49
  • Our audience is racially diverse
  • Readers are as likely to be male as they are to be female
  • Annual household income: $50,000-$100,000
  • They’re only slightly more likely to have children than not
  • 72 percent have an associate’s degree or higher, and a majority has a master’s degree.
  • 72 percent own their own home
  • Likely to be politically active, and our records indicate our audience is almost evenly split between Republicans, Democrats and Independents
  • They’re online shoppers
  • Interested in both the business side of the cannabis industry and health and wellness issues
  • During the holidays and weekends, they’re most likely to view our website on their mobile devices, but during the week they’re reading on desktops or laptops.
  • Spend an average of three minutes on CarolinaCannabisNews.com, and they’re likely to return to the page multiple times
  • Active via social media
  • Likely to subscribe to multiple podcasts

Demographic information last updated on Jan. 10, 2019.

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Social Media Content & Sharing

Modern business requires participation on social media. Carolina Cannabis News ad packages include carefully curated social media content that matches your business brand and helps tell your sharable story.


We have several events planned throughout 2019 and would love to include you and your customers.

Some are educational — like our recent social media and public relations symposium for the hemp industry — and some are just for fun.

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