Thanks to J.Hill, host of the Stay Ready Podcast, for hosting Carolina Cannabis News editor, Rhiannon Fionn, at a recent taping in Charlotte, N.C. This podcast episode is a joint venture with Kandid Cannasations.

The taping was part celebration — the Stay Ready Podcast is a year old (that’s a big deal)! Plus, we also celebrated the first anniversary of Harvest the Good, an effort by N.C. Women of Cannabis to educate the public on cannabis and hemp (also a cannabis plant, but y’all know that).

In this episode of the Stay Ready Podcast, we get and stay real. We talk about how Fionn is “WYSIWYG,” or what you see is what you get.

“I don’t have time for all of the normal bullshit people put between each other,” says Fionn.

We also talk about’s journalistic efforts, J.Hill brings up Mike Watson’s recent essay, “Confronting the White Narrative,” and veer on and off course in the most fun ways.

We also talk to the filmmaker behind “Milk Money,” a feature film that explores cannabis in society from an angle you might not expect.

Mild caution: We use adult language so you might not want to listen if kids are around.

“I’m looking at what’s going on with cannabis — there’s so much misinformation out there … we’ve been misled for a very long time … as a journalist, it’s an opportunity to educate the public,” says Fionn about starting Carolina Cannabis News. “We’re going to cover the cannabis issue like any other; we’re going to look at it from as many different perspective as possible and take it on like we would any other news topic.”


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We encourage you to stay tuned after the podcast. That’s when J.Hill’s account of his recent arrest for working while Black will auto-play. He is now suing the Pineville, N.C., police department.