South Carolina’s Robert Ianuario didn’t intend to become a marijuana attorney, but now that he is he’s also become an advocate for his clients.

“We are ruining innocent lives … because we don’t have the initiative and we’re not addressing the problem head on like other states have,” he says of his home state, “Instead, we’re still pretending like this is the devil’s lettuce.”

Ianuario says it’s “painful” to watch some of his clients go through their legal ordeals after being busted.

One of the stories he tells involves a U.S. Navy veteran with stage 4 cancer. He and his wife were arrested and each charged with two felonies for growing about a dozen cannabis plants in their yard and making an oil from their harvest. In that situation, he says, on the paperwork submitted by the police “the victim was listed as society.”

Ianuario argues that when you look at the cost of imprisoning citizens, and at the negative ripple effects that affect the greater economy and are often paid for by tax payers, that society is being victimized by the legal system, not by cannabis users.

Ianuario also has some strong words for S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster who he describes as a “cannabis flat earther,” saying, “He’s not doing what the voters want. He’s doing what lobbyists want … ” when it comes to the state’s Compassionate Care Act.

Beyond that, he’d like to know why the S.C. General Assembly is “telling us how to use our medication,” referring to the state government’s want to prevent people from smoking cannabis flower, and points out that opiod-related driving under the influence (DUI) charges don’t lead to someone’s driver’s license being revoked whereas, uner the current iteration of the Compassionate Care Act, were it to be made law, medical marijuana users could have their medical cards taken away.

“It’s time to stop ruining lives,” Ianuario says.

In the podcast, Ianuario also offers tips on what to do if you’re pulled over by the police and they ask to search your property. And he offers a warning for dabbers and vapers.

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BY Rhiannon Fionn

BY Rhiannon Fionn

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Rhiannon Fionn is an award-winning journalist based in Charlotte, N.C.