Our guest for the third episode of the Carolina Cannabis News podcast is Amy King, a co-founder of Delta9 Mexico and an international cannabis activist with FAAAT — For Alternative Approaches to Addiction Think and do tank.

“It’s a French thing,” says King of FAAAT’s name, which she says is changing soon.

She and CCN editor Rhiannon Fionn met at HempX in Asheville, N.C., in September. Then, on Oct. 10, the Trump administration, through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, issued a call for public comments on cannabis.

It was the World Health Organization that sparked the call for comments, and Amy has some tips for those of you who wish to submit yours.

“We should refrain from saying cannabis is a medicine,” says King in the podcast. “If we call it a medicine … in our country, under our regulatory structure, that puts it in the hands of the FDA,” she says.

In the podcast, the women discuss international cannabis policy, including the upcoming WHO review — the first review of international cannabis policy since the beginning of international cannabis prohibition by the League of Nations in 1925.

The WHO is reviewing cannabis and 15 other substances during its November meeting and will make its recommendation to other branches of the United Nations in December. The U.N. is expected to announce any policy changes in March 2019.

In the podcast, King also talks about the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how cannabis — which includes hemp — can help meet the needs for 14 of those goals.

And she invites cannabis companies — including Carolina hemp companies — to an international cannabis conference in Vienna this December. It’s the place to be, she says, if U.S. cannabis companies “want to see change at the global level; if they want to see a world where cannabis is traded freely, where cannabis can be a positive influence.”

King says the time is now if you want cannabis reform globally and that FAAAT could use your help. You can support their work on the United Nations’ cannabis review with a financial donation via PayPal.

Pssst: If you want to skip past the program notes advance the podcast player (below) to 3:34 where King is introduced.

Amy King

… the time is now if you want cannabis reform globally, says King.

[Header image is a photo courtesy of Amy King showing her and other FAAAT activists pausing their international cannabis work for a group photo op.]

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