In this episode of the Carolina Cannabis News podcast we talk to Blake Butler, executive director of the N.C. Industrial Hemp Association. (By the way, they have a brand new website. Check it out.)

Butler tells us how the NCIHA got started and, really, how the people behind the organization made the state’s industrial hemp pilot a reality. He also explains why the association continues to be important and how you can get involved. Annual membership rates begin at $35.

The NCIHA’s annual meeting will be held on Dec. 7, 2018, at the Chatham County Agriculture Center in Pittsboro, N.C.

At the meeting, members will vote on the organization’s direction for the coming year which could be a big one — the Farm Act is expected to move forward in the U.S. Congress, and Butler is expected to address North Carolina government officials about the progress of the state’s industrial hemp pilot.

During the annual meeting Butler says he’s planning to introduce some measures that could help farmers like Brad Adams who lost his hemp farm, in which he invested all he had, during Hurricane Florence. On that note, we also discuss why hemp farmers in North Carolina don’t currently have access to crop insurance.

Carolina Cannabis News is a sponsor of the NCIHA annual meeting. We’ll see you there!

Note: The header image was taken at the Carolina Hemp Fest in Aug. 2018. The paper sign Butler is holding represents the vote in the N.C. Senate that created the N.C. Industrial Hemp Pilot.