In 2017, Amy Pharr, a North Carolina nurse, was arrested for possessing pot brownies with intent to sell. Her story galvanized cannabis activists across the country, though ultimately the charges were dropped.

Still, she continues to live with consequences sparked by her arrest.

[Images: Amy Pharr and her husband, courtesy Amy Pharr via Facebook.]

The way she tells the story, a neighbor turned her into local authorities who then visited her home in search of marijuana brownies.

She cooperated with the police and was told she would be arrested on a misdemeanor and released, but by the time she arrived to the police station the charges were inflated to felony intent-to-distribute charges.

Pharr says she made the brownies for use as a natural remedy for chronic pain. Now, she says, she’s on a pain management regimen that doesn’t quite suit her needs or her tastes.

A strong Christian woman herself, Pharr believes that if more people listened to stories like hers that they would come to understand that the prohibition of medical cannabis should end.

She also offers tips for nurses who may find themselves in a similar situation and encourages folks who are unsure about cannabis to read the writings of Bryan Krumm, a nurse in Arizona who helped legislators in that state craft cannabis reform legislation. Click here to read his argument for legalization.

Asked what she would like to tell North Carolina legislators, Pharr said simply, “Bottom line: It needs to be legal. It has a use and I need it.”

And, just as we’re signing off, Pharr makes a heartfelt request … and, to our surprise, it had nothing to do with the fact that her home near the Carolina coast was deemed uninhabitable following Hurricane Florence.

Listen for yourself: Click the play button at the top of the page to hear the “Brownie Nurse” tell her story in her own words.

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