Jeff Tacy was surprised to see police cars when he arrived at Franny’s Farmacy Hendersonville, N.C., location this morning. The store is named after his wife, Franny. Their farm — Franny’s Farm — and their stores have been featured in the media numerous times as leaders in the North Carolina hemp industry.

The Hendersonville Police Department confirmed the store was broken into but tells Carolina Cannabis News that their investigation is ongoing. They expect to be able to share a police report later this week.

“We have an alarm and surveillance cameras, but our alarm system didn’t go off,” says Franny Tacy, “It looked like a grab and go. The front door was busted. They came in and stole a bunch of flower.”

Jeff Tacy is on the scene with the police. It appears at this time the focus of the crime was hemp flower, not cash. Early estimates are that roughly $600 in hemp flower was stolen.

“It’s hard to tell because they made away with three jars that basically had three ounces (each) in them,” says Jeff Tacy.

[Image: Broken glass at the entrance to the Hendersonville location of Franny’s Farmacy with a police car outside following a break in on Jan. 29, 2019. Photos courtesy of Jeff Tacy.]

The break in occurred at 4:04 a.m. And, yes, they have video — from their store and others — that the police are incorporating into their investigation.

Though there are some hemp and CBD stores in the Carolinas that are cash-only due to banking restrictions, Franny’s Farmacy is not cash-only and does accept credit and debit cards. At this time, it does not appear that money was stolen, only hemp flower.

It is unclear what the property damage costs will add up to, but the Tacy’s say they feel confident their insurance company will cover those costs.

One of several incidences

This is not the first time the couple’s hemp has been stolen from their property.

Until last year, Franny Tacy says, the farm was open to the public.

Then, she says, “We busted people in our field with headlamps on last year.” Now, if people would like a farm tour they have to go through a tour group or be paid guests at Franny’s Farm.

The Tacy home overlooks their hemp crop, so when they noticed strange lights in the field the couple investigated.

[Video: Franny Tacy explaining why she cares about hemp to Carolina Cannabis News during a standing-room-only HempX event at Franny’s Farm in 2018.]

“We found two guys out there who were pretending they were completely innocent. It was shady,” says Franny Tacy. “They could have been in there just stealing a bud. No one stole any plants from the field; it’s harder if they’re in the ground, you have to dig that stuff up.” She says their greenhouse was also “raided,” but “they weren’t huge thefts … they stole as much as people could grab.” That time, she says, the thieves took hemp plants that were being prepared for the field. She says some of the hemp stolen last year showed up on the black market in Atlanta. The Tacy’s say uninvited people have even showed up at their farm in groups, with one person entering their home during a private gathering looking for Franny presumably to talk to her about hemp. “We had a series of incidences where people don’t understand boundaries,” Franny Tacy says. Asked if she thought the media exposure she’s recieved has let to the thefts, Franny Tacy says, “I think it’s not necessarily the media exposure; there are always people who are opportunists. People know we’re here, which is good, but with that you get all people.” The farm has 24-hour video surveillance, too.

A cautionary tale?

“They can’t stop me from doing what I need to do,” says Franny Tacy, who, while her husband was dealing with the police was herself nursing triplet goats born on the farm overnight.

The Tacy’s have already planned to install “big, heavy, solid-wood pharmacy doors,” says Franny.

“It’s interesting because, way back when, when I built these doors, I considered putting bars and gates on the doors,” says Jeff Tacy. He’s now reconsidering that option.

That is not an option the Tacy’s like. “We’re trying to keep the stores warm and inviting for all ages, says Jeff Tacy, “That’s difficult to maintain when you put bars on the windows.”

Full disclosure: Franny’s Farm and Farmacy are sponsors of Carolina Cannabis News.

BY Rhiannon Fionn

BY Rhiannon Fionn

Editor & Publisher

Rhiannon Fionn is an award-winning journalist based in Charlotte, N.C.