A personal introduction

Many of the Carolina Cannabis News community know our founder and publisher, Rhiannon Fionn. I’ve known Rhiannon for more than 10 years, and have followed her adventures from Occupy Charlotte to Coal Ash Chronicles and now to her new exploration of the budding hemp and cannabis industry in the Carolinas.

Now, as the sales director for Carolina Cannabis News, it’s time you get to know me a bit and why I’m on the team.

I’ve been involved in alternative healing for decades, using herbs, therapies like acupressure and massage, and I even had a home birth in Virginia with a midwife, when it was illegal. That child, my 22-year-old son, Josh, is one of the reasons (explanation is coming) I’m excited about hemp!

Another reason is my first son, Charley, who suffered for over a decade with debilitating back and knee pain. He went the traditional route, did what he was told, and the pain got worse. In 2018, he admitted to using cannabis to help with the pain and was removed from the pain management program. He was lucky enough to find a surgeon who repaired his knee and is now in chiropractic treatment for his back, which is helping.

Bonnie Cranmer is Carolina Cannabis News‘ new sales director.

Before Carolina Cannabis News, Rhiannon Fionn was known as the “Coal Ash Queen” thanks to her work on Coal Ash Chronicles. Watch the trailer here, though note some of the information has changed over time.

What our family experience has proven is that the system is broken, has been for a very long time, and it’s up to us to change it. We have a farm in rural Virginia, just up the road from Dragons Tooth on the Appalachian Trail. Learning how to turn it into a business is a goal in 2019.

My background is in green retail and tourism promotions. I’m a strong proponent of green living, sustainable practices and living lightly on our planet. I was the marketing director for a Natural Awakenings publication in Virginia, and have worked with creative professionals in the arts, fashion, health, hospitality and construction fields. 

Back when I was a partner in a garden center and gift shop, I was dubbed a witch (not to my face, of course) in our small, rural community, for teaching classes about the power and healing of plants. There is an energy in dirt that is mysterious, and holds the miracle of birth when treated well. I can’t help but feel like we are on the verge of a great awakening, shedding the shadow of the past to unveil the secrets of the plant so long vilified to the public.

My initial excitement about working with Carolina Cannabis News was to move the industry forward. In the two months I’ve been involved so far, I’m even more excited about meeting the entrepreneurs, farmers and industry professionals who have faced the risks, regulation and legal ramifications to produce sustainable businesses.

We are in the ‘green rush’, which is not about to stop! There is no end to the possibilities hemp and cannabis provide. I’m excited to support the businesses and consumers in this market and look forward to getting to know you better.

In my experience so far, most people have a bigger ‘why’ when they take the risks required for this industry. It’s that motivation, that drive for a greater purpose, that excites me about what’s to come. There no shortage of reasons to be involved with the hemp and cannabis industry right now. I want to learn about your reason and how you’re changing the world.

Introduce yourself!

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What are your challenges and successes in this new industry? How can I support your business and your vision for the future?

I look forward to hearing from you,