It’s been a long week, and the harried pace in the North Carolina hemp industry is something to behold. So, we invite you to take a break and enjoy this photo gallery by Charlotte photojournalist Grant Baldwin.

The photos were taken in Charlotte at Queen Hemp Company earlier this month just before the company’s first harvest.

In the photos, co-Owners Nicole Burnette and Gail Syfert and their helpers demonstrate many of the processes they go through as indoor hemp farmers.

One of the interesting things about hemp is how quickly it grows. It’s a crop that can be replanted multiple times per year and, as you see, grown inside, too.

Growing hemp inside is a way to control the plants’ environment and protect them from the elements and even pests and fauna that might be looking for a tasty hemp-based diet.

In addition to producing their own hemp-based products, for sale at several locations in Charlotte — including the Atherton Mill Market, Burnette and Syfert also produce clones for sale in the wholesale market.

But don’t think you can just walk in and buy a hemp plant: Only licensed hemp farmers are permitted to buy the plants.

The gallery:

Click through dozens of photos for some beautiful flower power.

Listen: Nicole Burnette, co-owner of Queen Hemp Company, on the Carolina Cannabis News podcast. Click here for the podcast and the show notes.

[Image credit: Bridget B. Sullivan]

Enjoy the photos! And expect to see more photo galleries from us in the future … especially since every farm — indoor farms, too — all do things a little differently, which, we think, makes each and every one of our Carolina hemp farms fascinating. We hope you agree.

If you would like us to visit your farm, contact us.

Photos by Grant Baldwin

Photos by Grant Baldwin


Grant Baldwin is a Charlotte-based photojournalist. View more of his work at and on Flickr.