Medical marijuana background with blank paper, cannabis leaf and stethoscope

Should South Carolina legalize cannabis in 2019 — which is not the long shot you might think — patients must obtain a recommendation from a trusted doctor with whom they have an established relationship to purchase medical cannabis.

The key word there is “recommendation.” Doctors aren’t able to give prescriptions for medical cannabis, even though they know it’s essentially the same thing.

This is, of course, due to the reality that cannabis is a Schedule I drug per federal law and the very real fears of losing businesses, professional licenses and lawsuits.

As the good folks at point out:

… some state laws authorize doctors to prescribe marijuana for medical use, but since it remains illegal under federal law to prescribe the drug — and pharmacies can’t supply it — the laws are effectively void.

The requirement to obtain a doctor’s recommendation begs the question: Do you feel comfortable talking to your doctor about cannabis in any form (including cannabinoid (CBD) or hemp oil)?

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Do you feel comfortable talking to your doctors about cannabis (that includes CBD, or hemp oil)?

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