This was a big week for cannabis legislation news in South Carolina.

North Carolina? Not so much.

But don’t worry. We expect bills to be filed in the N.C. General Assembly in late January, early February. That is according to N.C. state Rep. Kelly Alexander, Jr. (D-107).

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S.C. Compassionate Care Act

Carolina Cannabis News was at the press conference in South Carolina when Sen. Tom Davis (R-Dist. 46) announced the filing of the Compassionate Care Act this week, or re-filing as it were — he’s been working on this bill for several years.

[WATCH video of the press conference held to announce that the bill was filed and other videos from that day on our Facebook Page’s video portal.]

To be frank, the bill is exactly what everyone expected it to be: It will legalize medical cannabis for certain medical conditions for those whose doctors agree that is the best course of action for them; medical marijuana will not be available in smokable flower form (a concession to state police); employers will not be directed to make accommodations for medical marijuana use, etc.

The finer details of the 2019 version of the Compassionate Care Act are in bullet point form in the first document embedded below.

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The Compassionate Care Act is, by far, the best known of the dozen cannabis bills current filed in the South Carolina General Assembly.

[Image above: Sen. Tom Davis (R-Dist. 46) handed out supporting documents and took time to speak to constituents, advocates and other lawmakers following the press conference this week. Photo by Rhiannon Fionn.]

[Video above: Several South Carolina lawmakers were on hand for the press conference this week, including Rep. Todd Rutherford (D-Dist. 74, Richland County). He is the Minority Leader in the S.C. House of Representatives.]

[Video: Jill Swing, mother and medical cannabis advocate, speaking about the Compassionate Care Act and how its passage might help her daughter.]

BY Rhiannon Fionn

BY Rhiannon Fionn

Editor & Publisher

Rhiannon Fionn is an award-winning journalist based in Charlotte, N.C.