Thanks to Thomas Laundon, of Eastern Agricultural Consulting, and Jennifer Rodriguez, of Lifted CBD in Charlotte, N.C., for helping Carolina Cannabis News with our first how-to video. (Pssst … be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel!)

As we become more aquainted with the Carolina cannabis community we’re realizing that many don’t feel confident visiting hemp and CBD dispensaries simply because they’re not sure what to expect. And a few have reported to us that they don’t feel confident even asking about hemp flower and other products.

Also, there are folks out there who still think hemp and/or CBD are illegal. (They’re not.)

So, with the assistance of Carolina hemp businesses we’ve decided to create a video series to help.

Keep in mind that even if you feel confident in the cannabis world, there are plenty who are only “canna curious,” and they could use a boost around the learning curve. Help them by sharing videos and articles like this one: A beginner’s guide to reading CBD labels. Or maybe this one: Understanding THCV, something folks are likely to see on the certificates of analysis (COAs) that they will receive from reputable hemp dispensaries in the Carolinas.

What’s a COA, you ask? Watch the video!

Check out our review of a Periodic Effects’ podcast two-part series on cannabis that can help you around the learning curve, too. Even veteran cannabis users will find nuggets of knowledge in that series.


[Full disclosure: Eastern Agricultural Consulting and Lifted CBD are Carolina Cannabis News sponsors, present and past respectively.]

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*Hemp is a type of cannabis.

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