It’s no secret that Carolina hemp and CBD companies are having a difficult time with social media lately — as you know, many local companies have had their Pages shut down with no notice and for reasons that often do not ring true.

That’s why, for this month’s CCN poll, we want to know: Which are your favorite social media sites?

The information you share will help Carolina hemp and CBD companies and us, too — Carolina Cannabis News publisher Rhiannon Fionn is working on a follow up report now that will be shared with LION Publishers and Facebook.

If you’ve got a message to share about cannabis or wish to advocate online the results of this poll should be of interest to you, too.

Take our poll, then share it widely!

Which of these social media platforms do you use the most?
What is your second favorite social media platform?
Which of these is the platform you'll use when you're not using the two you chose above?

The poll ends Jan. 31, at midnight EST.